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Meet Reverend Airon Reynolds Jr.

Dr. Airon Reynolds, Jr., serves as a unique herald for the Word of God and is anointed to preach God’s Word to all generations. This faithful man of God is leaving a spiritual mark in the name of Jesus the Christ that can not be deleted. Dr. Reynolds has a passion to teach people how to fulfill their God-ordained purpose and walk in the destiny God has designed for them. With his God given powerful uncompromising conveyance, Dr. Reynolds fervently elucidates the word of God.

In Port Arthur, Texas the evidence of God’s hand upon his life was witnessed by his parents Annie B. Reynolds and the late Airon Reynolds, Sr. He is married to First Lady Edna M. Reynolds; he is the father of three children and grandfather of six children.

Throughout Dr. Reynolds’ life and ministry, God continues to show Himself as the Lord of all and demonstrates to and through him that there is nothing too hard for God to do. Dr. Reynolds is a product of the Port Arthur Independent School District and a 1978 graduate of the Abraham Lincoln High School. He received his Bachelor of Theology from United Theological Seminary & Bible College of Monroe, LA and his honorary Doctor of Divinity from the University of India.

This humble servant of God has been called to preach the kingdom agenda and operate under Kingdom Authority. Dr. Reynolds is poised and equipped by God to deal with the struggles that accompany being pregnant with the Holy Spirit, yet handicapped by tradition. God is using him to usher the church into a new level. Dr. Reynolds is currently serving as pastor of the Borden Chapel Baptist Church of Beaumont, Texas since February of 1997; Moderator of the Eastern Progressive Missionary Baptist District Association, 1st Vice President of the Baptist Missionary & Education Convention of Texas, Executive Director of the HELBIG Community Development Corporation, member of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc., Baptist Ministers Union of Beaumont & Vicinity and the Beaumont Area Alliance of Black School Educators. He believes in the holistic concept of building the total man. He has committed himself to the economic empowerment of people in the community where he serves.

The radical unpretentious preaching and teaching style of Dr. Reynolds has transformed the lives of countless men, women, boys and girls that were sick within, broken, in bondage, rejected and unreachable. He has earnestly committed to demonstrating unconditional love to all that God sends his way.

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